Ostelflow suiteChanging The Way Hotel Managers operate Their Businesses.

By offering a unified hotel management ecosystem that no one else can, Osteflow makes it possible
to streamline your hotel operations so that you can focus on your business objectives and growth.

Visualize the seamless integration of Ostelflow products into your hotel's daily operations

Step 1


Guests book their stay through the Ostelflow Guest App or website.

Step 2


Reservation details automatically sync with the Ostelflow PMS.

Step 3


Reservation details automatically sync with the Ostelflow PMS.

Data management

Make data-driven decisions, improve resource allocation, and enhance overall Ostelflow Operations

Managing hotel operations manually can be a daunting task, leading to inefficiencies, errors, and a
lack of visibility into crucial processes. Coordinating staff, handling bookings, and overseeing
maintenance can consume valuable time and resources, hindering the overall efficiency of the hotel.

Guest management

Empower your guests to take control of their stay

Guests often encounter frustration and inconvenience when trying to access hotel services or
information. From requesting amenities to checking in/out, the traditional process can be time-
consuming and impersonal, leaving guests feeling disconnected from their accommodation

Data management

Simplify order management, minimizes wait times, and provides valuable insights

Managing food and beverage operations within a hotel can be complex and time-consuming,
especially when using outdated point-of-sale systems or manual processes. Inefficient order taking,
tracking inventory, and managing payments can lead to errors, delays, and ultimately, dissatisfied

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Enhance Guest Experience and Drive Loyalty

By standardizing operations and service delivery across properties, Ostelflow helps hotel chains deliver a consistent and exceptional guest experience, fostering loyalty and driving repeat business.

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